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12) Scene Eight (Isaiah)

Edie: Like when Warhol the Good
          Made good on his vow,
          Through malice aforethought,
          To take just one more shot
          And make us, then, Famous.

[One by one the members of Andy's entourage appear as Spiritual Beings, joining in with Edie.]

Isaiah:  Come now and let us reason together
          saith the Lord:  though your sins be as scarlet, 
          they shall be as white as snow; 
          though they be red like crimson, 
          they shall be as wool. 

          Making us Famous
          Was more than a game--
          It was bringing an end to the history of shame
          That attached itself to our indigenous indigent youth,
          Uncouth, hating gin and vermouth,
          As rebels, as causeless as all final Truth,            

          We who made it and played it saith the Lord:  
          Passed it on and relayed it   From Rimbaud to James  Dean,                                                               
          And all the kids in between, Salomé to Monroe,
          Yearning, row upon row upon row upon row
           For the life of the Cinema
           Or the like, freed from kin, a martyr to Youth...