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4) Scene Two (Edie)

Isabelle: Describe for me your first filming.

{Behind a see-through screen, we see members of the Factory reenacting this scene. The ensemble sings the text in parentheses.}

Edie: Near the end, the entire room was stoned.
Amyl nitrates and everthing else.  (So stoned.)
It ended with everyone 
doing it everywhere
with everyone        (We do it with everyone, everywhere..)

right on the couch,   (on the couch)
in the bathroom,   (in the bathroom)
in the hallway,   (in the hallway)
even on the roof.      (We love to do it on the roof!)

Edie and ensemble:
Everyone doing it everywhere with everyone. 

Edie: I couldn't believe my eyes.
 (Aaaahhhh!....{the ensemble simulates a massive group orgasm.})
I walked over to Andy, 

Isabelle: And?

Edie: He was methodically chewing his hamburger.

Isabelle: Did he give you any direction?

Edie: He just said, "Work for no meaning."  [A pause as Edie takes a drag on her cigarette.  She suddenly turns and says, pointedly:]  
Somebody's gonna shoot that man, someday!