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9) Scene Three 

Isabelle: But the gift God has given the world through who I am
Is the kind that laid waste to the kingdom of Priam,
The kind with which Dali, the artist, the craftsman,
Wants to surround himself: a talisman
Tailored to tempt, fashioned purely for Fashion.

(a chorus of models parades with Isabelle as dressers and tailors fit her with various outfits)

There are those who, in music, have all that they need
To uplift them, to enthrall them, to refresh them and feed
What within them seeks beauty, that Goddess Divine.
But for Dali that Goddess must have breasts like mine!
(with chorus:)
I shall bring him that pleasure he needs to survive;
He will give me attention, that Beauty may thrive
In its element, adoration!  Let me be adored!!
At least then I won't be so awfully, terribly, interminably bored...

[Isabelle returns to the room where Dali is just reaching for the door.]

Dali: We have a guest...  (He opens the door to reveal Andy Warhol, who has come up to see him.)  Isabelle Dufresne, meet Andy Warhol.